All our stock are paddock reared on natural and improved pastures and supplemented with grain pellets and mineral licks.


All stock are vaccinated every six months.

Breeding does are selected for their mothering ability, milk production as well as their conformation and muscling.  Also in this climate we have to select for resistance to internal parasites as this is a far greater problem with goats in the Tropics simply because of the high rainfall and humidity.


 We source our bucks from reputable studs from proven bloodlines.  We have Farmworld, Terraweena, Yarrabee & Kwee-Wee bloodlines in our herd.  With the does we also have Farmworld,  Terraweena, Yarrabee , Chevredor & Jimbour in their bloodlines as well.


We have two Kiddings per year :-

  •  Group 1 Does kid in May/June
  •  Group 2 Does kid in August /September …these times suit our climatic conditions and our particular situation.

Kids are weaned at 12 weeks of age. 
We make sure that nothing is lactating through the wet season.