We have competed in the local Cairns Show, Charterís Towers Show, 2010 State Show at Charterís Towers and we have supported the Cooktown Shire Show to promote the industry in far Northern Queensland.  We, also along with other breeders, have been involved in a Field Day at Walkamin (on the Atherton Tableland) and a Breeders Workshop in Cairns hosted by the Boer Goat Breederís Association of Australia.

The distance from other local shows is quite considerable but in the future we hope to travel further south to be involved with other breeders and to promote the breed and industry to the public.

2009 Cairnís Show:

Most Successful Exhibitor

Supreme Boer Goat Exhibit

Grand Champion Boer Doe

Junior Champion Boer Doe

Champion Junior Commercial Doe

Grand Champion Commercial Doe

Champion Slaughter Goat

Grand Champion Red Buck

2009 Charterís Towers State Show

Junior Champion Red Buck

Champion Slaughter Goat

Cooktown Agricultural Show

Best Boer Buck Exhibit

Best Boer Doe Exhibit